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01242 602925  Our winter opening hours from November 2015 are Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 10-3.

Please call in and see the full range of books we stock at Winchcombe Tourist Information Centre. You may find a new interest or rediscover the town and the surrounding area through the eyes of local authors.  The latest addition to our collection is a bit more unusual, a series of three novels by Bill Page, all set in the fourth century Roman Cotswolds.

His most recent title, One Summer in Arcadia (published August 2015) features several local sites, including the Spoonley Wood and Chedworth Roman villas.  All three novels are significantly different from the usual Roman historicals, being neither thud-and-blunder military gorefests nor whodunnits in togas.  Instead, they explore the world of sunlight and shadows which existed when Romano-British civilisation, which reached its high summer at around the middle of the fourth century, was just beginning to decay.  It was a world into which Christianity was making only slow inroads, and where belief in the dark old gods and goddesses of the Roman and Pre-Roman pantheons, with their undercurrents of mystery and magic, was still strong.  You can learn more about the novels on his website



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