Autumn Diesel Weekend

Autumn Diesel Weekend

GWSR are again holding an Autumn Diesel Weekend using their magnificent fleet of heritage diesel locomotives dating back to the early 1960s.
Come and enjoy the sight and sounds of a bygone age with the collection of 50+year old diesel locomotives, 12 -13 October.

There will be something for everyone – for families looking for an enjoyable day out as well as for the railway and diesel traction enthusiasts.
Diesel Weekends and Galas have established a reputation for being a friendly, quality event and we hope this additional diesel running weekend albeit a smaller scale event than the summer gala weekend, will continue in the same vein.


The majority of the fleet of heritage diesel locomotives are now well past their 50th birthdays (the oldest is almost 60!).
The event also reflects the history of British electrical and mechanical engineering from the 1950s and 1960s.  This was a time when the UK was still at the forefront of locomotive technology and exported such railway locomotives all over the world.
At Toddington, you will be able to photograph the locomotives in the yard when they are not working trains.  Find out more details here.

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