Coup 53

Coup 53

Coup 53

Winchcombe Film Society has achieved a notable first by showing a world premiere of the major documentary, Coup 53, revealing the role of MI6 and the CIA in deposing the democratic government of Iran.

Coup 53, a film nine years in the making, was previewed at the Toronto Film Festival, and was released online on 19 August in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Winchcombe Film Society was one of only 20 venues in England and around 200 worldwide to make it available online to members, via a special discount deal with the distributors.  We are pleased to say that we can now make it available to everyone.

Tickets cost £9.99 per household, but any non-member buying a ticket will be able to claim a £5 reduction in any future subscription to the society.  To buy a ticket, click  on this link Coup 53  You have 24 hours to watch the film after first logging on.  Watch a trailer here.

The documentary featured actor Ralph Fiennes who played the part of a real-life British spy who organised the coup in 1953 that deposed Iran’s elected Prime Minister, allowing the Shah to return to power.

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