The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

Biblical scenes to wow crowds in historic Winchcombe this Easter. Volunteer amateur actors from every walk of life will descend on Abbey Terrace in the town on Good Friday, 19 April, from 10am, to stage the ‘The Way of the Cross’, a traditional Passion Play depicting Jesus’ last few hours from sentencing right through to crucifixion.

Members of each of the four churches in the town will come together to portray the moving story, witnessed by residents and visitors along the quaint Cotswold walled streets.
Reverend Rachel Murray of St Peters Church, Winchcombe, is helping organise the event. She said, “The story of Easter is one of the greatest stories in the world, packed full of drama and love. You might think you know the Easter story, but you will not have seen it like this!”

“The events of Good Friday didn’t take place behind closed doors. They happened out on the streets. In a world where Christians are increasingly persecuted for their faith, the brutal, stark, immediacy of Jesus’ final journey is something we need to be reminded of and remind people about.”
Before we reach the eggs, chocolate and bunnies, there is blood, pain, sacrifice, suffering but most importantly, love.”

Rachel adds, “Good Friday is about encounter. Jesus had all sorts of encounters on his way to the place of Crucifixion, good, bad, violent and heart rending. Just as we encounter these things in our own lives, we can learn from his meetings with Pilate, the Roman soldiers, his mother, Simon of Cyrene and John. These characters all feature in our performance, played by members of our own community.”

“This is going to be a powerful and compelling piece of theatre, both to participate in and watch. The cast will be among you. You will be part of the crowd. I hope to welcome lots of people to support our actors, our local community and walk with Jesus on his last and lonely frightful journey as we observe Good Friday.”

Though Easter Passions have been part of the Christian tradition for centuries, this is the first time in a number of years a Passion Play has been performed in Winchcombe.
The performance is free and unticketed and people of all ages are invited to come view the spectacle.
For further information or to support the performance in anyway please email Reverend Rachel Murray;

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