Trees for Winchcombe

Trees for Winchcombe

Trees for Winchcombe

The Queen’s Green Canopy comes to Winchcombe with the Trees for Winchcombe campaign, to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Trees for Winchcombe Campaign which is part of the WinGreenTown citizen’s initiative, will help any household or group in Winchcombe with support and advice on where to get free trees and how to plant them as part of the nation-wide Queen’s Green Tree Canopy Project.

Trees for Winchcombe will collaborate with The Woodland Trust who is managing the Free Trees for Schools and Communities Scheme for the Queen’s Green Canopy. They have over three million saplings in tree packs, available on a first come first served basis from 4 April 2022. Information on how to apply for the free saplings is available through Trees for Winchombe  as well as the Woodland Trust website.

From October, planted trees can be added to the QGC map which will show with dots the vast number of trees planted across the country.
People may also wish to mark their tree planting with a commemorative plaque. The QGC is offering a physical, as well as a virtual commemorative plaque option.

Get in touch with JoAnne Freeman to contribute to the Queen’s canopy and to greening up Winchcombe for climate and wildlife protection.

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