Winchcombe Day Care Centre & Little Sparks

Winchcombe Day Care Centre & Little Sparks

Winchcombe Day Care Centre & Little Sparks

A new initiative that brings the oldest and youngster members of the community together in Winchcombe is proving a huge success as Winchcombe Day Care Centre & Little Sparks get together.

Once a month tots from the town’s Little Sparks Mother and Toddler Group, are visiting members of the town’s Day Centre – and spending a happy 45 minutes on a joint activity.

Whether it’s making spiders out of straws and a colander, creating animals from play dough, singing nursery rhymes, reading stories together, or playing skittles, the sessions are putting a smile on the faces of members and youngsters alike.

Mum Beth Collins, whose 22-month-old daughter Violet is one of the Little Sparks, set up the initiative with fellow mum Rebecca Fisher, whose son William, eight months, also attends.

“I’d seen a documentary on television about the benefits of bringing toddlers and older people together and thought it would be lovely thing to do in Winchcombe. We approached the Day Centre and they were very keen. Our first session earlier this year went very well and we’ve been running it ever since,” said Beth.

Little Sparks caters for children from newborn up to two-and-a-half years old and is one of a number of groups for children at the Encounter Church in Gretton Road, Winchcombe.

Beth said: “The members really engage with the children and as well as helping them with the activity. It’s a good way to bring the two generations together. Not all children have grandparents locally so it’s good for them to have older people in their lives. “

The tots’ visits have also gone down well with Day Centre members – some of whom are in their 90s and may not have grandchildren or great-grandchildren of their own,.

Day Centre Manager Vicky Weaver, said: “The toddler group visits put a smile on the faces of all the members and they often talk about the session afterwards. It’s clear it brings them a lot of joy to be involved with the young ones and the interaction, whether it’s singing, activities, reading, is as beneficial to older people as it is the younger ones. It’s a great idea and we’d like to thank Bethany and Rebecca for giving our members this opportunity.”

For more details, contact Vicky Weaver, Centre Manager on 01242 603207 or Beth Collins, of Little Sparks, on 07758863274.

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