Winchcombe Museum Need You!

Winchcombe Museum Needs You!

Winchcombe Museum Needs You!


The Trustees have decided that in view of the latest Government advice on coronavirus, in order to safeguard both the public and volunteer staff, that the Museum should remain closed.

However, Winchcombe Museum still need funds for  developing plans for revamping both the iconic Grade 2 listed building and the Museum itself.
Winchcombe Town Trust are transforming the Winchcombe Museum into a place for celebrating the town’s rich history – fit for 21st century visitors. Their vision is a place that welcomes visitors with good, well-lit displays, … a place to study the wonderful history of Winchcombe and its surrounding area.

However, they need the help and support of the Community to make the project “fly”

Why Winchcombe needs its Museum

  • Provides a focal point for Winchcombe’s history and attractions at the Town Centre.
  • More visitors means more trade for the Town’s shops and businesses.
  • Helps to celebrate the history of Winchcombe and its surroundings.
  • Provides a major resource for residents and others to research family history.

Current Situation

Visitor Numbers have declined over the past few years.
Museum Volunteer numbers are also declining – we cannot keep our usual opening hours.
The building needs restoration and the Museum needs updating.
Unless we take action now, the Museum faces a slow decline to closure.

Resources and contents of the Museum:

Over 3,000 items in the collection plus 1,500 digital pictures spanning over 1000 years of history
Database of over 85,000 mentions of Winchcombe People.
The Town Maces.
Museum Talks – over 700 people attended in past 12 months.

What the Museum needs to do

Make the Museum more inviting to attract more visitors.
Create a new ground floor entrance with a glazed welcome area.
Create a lift to first floor and provide a modern toilet suitable for all.
Obtain new displays to show off the exhibits and the interior of the Town Hall.
Recruit more volunteers.

Progress so far

We have planning and consents to expand the Tourist Information Centre, create ground floor entrance, new toilet and lift.

So far we have raised £110,000 – but we need another £80,000 for this part of the work.

Talking to Heritage Lottery Fund for help to change display units, electrics and security on the first floor.  This will be a year or two in the future.

What you can do to help

Sign up for the newsletter and/or contact us via the Museum
Volunteer some time.
Join a team to help to get the project completed.
Donate – through Virgin Giving: we can reclaim back your tax;
Using Amazon Smile we can get back 1/2% of your spend.

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