Gateway Town

Gateway Town

Gateway Town

Winchcombe Town Council is delighted to announce the inclusion of Winchcombe as a Gateway Town in the ‘Cotswold Gateway Project’. One of a number of Cotswold towns, Winchcombe is the ideal starting point for walking and cycling routes in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Cotswolds National Landscape has worked with local communities to create ten Cotswold Gateway locations, from which people can follow walking and cycling routes to explore the surrounding countryside.

As a Gateway Town, Winchcombe offers visitors an opportunity to discover hidden corners, epic views, historic sites and a rich diversity of wildlife on waymarked, circular walking and cycling routes in the beautiful Cotswolds.

Six walking and four cycling routes, each of varying lengths and character, have been established as part of the project which has been  coordinated by the Cotswold Conservation Board.

With all routes starting and finishing in Winchcombe, it is hoped that the initiative will attract many new visitors to the town with it’s wonderful individual  shops, eateries and many local attractions including the historic Sudeley Castle.

The walks and cycle routes are listed below:

Gateway walking routes – details can be found on the Walking Panel situated on Abbey Terrace

1GPXWinchcombe to Sudeley Castle (approx 2 miles, 1 hr, easy)

2 GPXWinchcombe to Langley Hill wood carving (approx 4.5 miles 2.5 hrs, moderate)

3 GPXSudeley, Kenelm & Monks Hole (approx 4.75 miles, 2.75 hrs, strenuous)

4 GPXWinchcombe to the source of the river Isbourne (approx 6 miles 3 hrs,moderate)

5 GPXWinchcombe to Belas Knap Long Barrow (approx 5.5 miles 2.75 hrs, moderate)

6 GPXFarmcote to Hailes Abbey (approx 7.5 miles 4 hrs, moderate)

Gateway cycling routes – details can be found on the Cycling Panel situated in Back Lane Car Park

1 GPX– Winchcombe to Cleeve Cloud, (12.5 miles, 435m ascent)

2 GPX– Winchcombe to Guiting Loop, (15.5 miles, 512m ascent)

3 GPX– Winchcombe to West Wood, (18 miles, 547m ascent)

4 GPX– Winchcombe to Dirtybridge, (20.5 miles, 560m ascent)

For a longer stay in Winchcombe, why not treat yourself a relaxing Cotswold break and check out more routes  on our walking and cycling pages.

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