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Radio Winchcombe

Radio Winchcombe

A great opportunity from Radio Winchcombe, for local traders, in their Christmas and New Year Promotion.

Radio Winchcombe are delighted to offer every Winchcombe trader free advertising time from, 1 to 31 December 2019.

You can sponsor programmes or advertise on air; gain customers and experience of targeted radio advertising.   Their  team will gladly help you create bespoke advertisements from their studios.

In return, all they ask is for you to continue advertising with them through January to March 2020.

For £15 a month you will have at least one 30 second ad spot every day at different times on different days, so that you will be heard by all segments of the listening audience.

Or, be one of 7 sponsors for one day of each week on different days. Your details will be announced as sponsor for the day after each News Headlines on the hour.

Interested/questions?   Email Kim or Keith.

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